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Merry Christmas

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Melania’s Blood Red Xmas Trees Earning Hilarious Tweets

If you thought last year’s White House Xmas decorations were bizarre, take a look at the 2018 version. This photo was posted on Twitter by CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller.

The trees are as red as the MAGA hat atop Trump’s farthest right supporters, as red as any communist in Putin’s Red Square, as red as the blood on Trump’s hands for selling more arms to the Saudis to use on the masses they are starving in Yemen.

But the comments on the trees are helping us look on the lighter side, starting with this PhotoShop effort from @chatelainedc:

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In Which Pres. Obama Wishes You a Merry Christmas – Over and Over and Over

Trump is peddling the fiction that the greeting “Merry Christmas” was banned during the Obama years. This tape proves that Donald is lying yet again.


Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? Most People Don’t Care


Of U.S. adults polled said it’s appropriate for store employees to say “Merry Christmas” to customers, compared to 8 percent who think it’s inappropriate, according to the latest Morning Consult poll. That’s similar to the 61 percent who said it’s appropriate for staff to wish shoppers “Happy Holidays,” while 13 percent said such well wishes are inappropriate.

Poetic Justice

A Ten-Month Truce

Say so long to cold Black Friday.
Say good riddance to Cyber Monday.
Though we haven’t won,
At least the fighting’s done,
And the War on Xmas can take a holiday.

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Right-Wing War on Christmas Update: Iowa Tea Bagger Congressman Brags about Eating Reindeer at Holiday Time

Reindeer mother and baby; inset: Iowa Tea Party Rep. Steve King

It’s clear here who really hates Christmas. Rep. Steve King, tea party congressman from Iowa, sent out this tweet bragging about making a meal of slaughtered reindeer at Christmastime. What will we tell the children!

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The Confederacy’s War On Christmas


So what were South Carolina’s governor and other top conservatives doing on Christmas Day, 1860? They were not at home celebrating the birth of Christ by singing hymns around their Christmas trees with their families.

No, on Dec. 25, 1860, these progenitors of the conservative movement and the modern-day Republican Party — they called themselves Democrats back then but a century later would flock en masse to the GOP after liberals enacted anti-white supremacist Civil Rights legislation — were in the state capitol of Columbia committing the most heinous act of treason in United States history.

They weren’t just making war on Christmas, they were preparing to make war on America:

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All I Want for Xmas Is for Herman Cain to Go Away — Far Away

Not only have alien a capella signers appropriated Xmas, look what Herman Cain has done to it!