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Trump’s Coming Staffing Crisis

“The biggest threat to the Trump presidency, the markets and our ability to deal with future crises is the coming staff exodus. We cannot stress enough how many essential staff and officials want out — if not this quarter, then soon after the new year.”

Mike Allen

Poetic Justice

The Insecure Six

Maybe it’s because they frequent seedy discotheques,
Or maybe it’s because they prefer kinky sex.
Maybe it’s the weekend blow,
But chances are, we’ll never know
Why six White House staffers failed background checks.


Six White House Staffers Fail Background Checks


Number of White House staffers who “were dismissed Thursday morning after failing FBI background checks, according to sources familiar with the matter,” Politico reports.


White House Calls on Rivals to Denounce Trump

I think the question for other candidates for president is simply this, do they have the courage of their convictions to simply stand up to Mr. Trump’s supporters and say that they’re going to side with the constitution over Mr. Trump even if Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee? … If they don’t have that much courage, if they are so cowed by Mr. Trump and his supporters that they are not willing to stand by the values enshrined in the constitution, than they have no business serving the president of United States themselves.

— >White House spokesman Josh Earnest, saying that Donald Trump is “disqualified” to be president based on comments about banning Muslims from entering the United States, Politico reports.

Poetic Justice

Sky High Guy

The White House is the president’s home.
It’s where secret service agents roam.
But that crash on the swale
Proved a cautionary tale:
One should never ever drink and drone.


Jenna Bush Hager Admits to a ‘Little Hank-Panky’ at White House

A lady never talks … Maybe there was a little hanky-panky, maybe there was a kiss on the roof.”

— Jenna Bush Hager, in a Bravo interview, on whether she ever fooled around in the White House.

Poetic Justice

What’s the Secret?

Really now, what’s the Secret Service good for?
We know they excel at secretly drinking with whores.
So why keep an agency
To protect the presidency
When intruders can walk through the White House’s front door?


Cook: Where’s the Adult Behavior and Respect for Office?

Increasingly we are seeing more members, in both chambers and both parties, leadership as well as rank and file, who seem to have little sense of customs, traditions, and responsibilities of the institutions that they have been given the honor or privilege to serve. We are seeing more and more behavior and tactics that truly bring disgrace on the institution. Much of the same can be said about this White House as well …. There is nothing new about divided government; it has been the rule more than the exception for much of modern history. But how it is handled has changed — we aren’t seeing adult behavior from any of the three corners of this House-Senate-White House triumvirate.

— Pundit Charlie Cook.


What a Difference 20 Years Makes

When I worked at the White House the first time, 20 years ago, I was so young that people would make fun of me. Now the young staffers say, ‘Wow, you were here in ’90s? That is so West Wing.’

— Biden chief of staff Bruce Reed, quoted by the Idaho Statesman.