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Ecuador has Spent Millions Protecting Assange

$5 million

“Ecuador bankrolled a multimillion-dollar spy operation to protect and support Julian Assange in its central London embassy, employing an international security company and undercover agents to monitor his visitors, embassy staff and even the British police,” according to documents seen by the Guardian. “Over more than five years, Ecuador put at least $5m into a secret intelligence budget that protected the WikiLeaks founder while he had visits from Nigel Farage, members of European nationalist groups and individuals linked to the Kremlin.”


Trump Mentioned Wikileaks 164 Times in Last Month of Campaign


Number of times candidate Donald Trump mentioned Wikileaks in the last 30 days of the campaign according to ThinkProgress, which “calculated the number by reviewing transcripts of Trump’s speeches, media appearances and debates over the last 30 days of the campaign.”


The ‘Secret’ WikiLeaks Revealed About Clinton

In the midst of our bountiful October harvest of Trump grotesqueries, the Russians and Julian Assange organized a WikiLeaks dump of private emails from the Clinton campaign. These revealed a shocking and scandalous fact about the former Secretary of State: she is a politician. Indeed, the documents represent one of the most reassuring moments of this calamitous campaign. The overwhelming impression is of the candidate’s and her staff’s competence and sanity–and something more: a refreshing sense of reality about the vagaries of politics.

— Joe Klein, in Time.


Woolsey: Hang Snowden High

It’s still a capital crime, and I would give him the death sentence, and I would prefer to see him hanged by the neck until he’s dead, rather than merely electrocuted.

— Former CIA director James Woolsey, telling CNN that leaker Edward Snowden should be convicted of treason and given the death penalty in the wake of the terrorist attack on Paris.

Poetic Justice

Finally, Leaker Leaves!

He’s been couch-surfing there for two years,
Haunted by paranoia and extradition fears.
It’s probably been borin’
But according to the Ecuadorans,
When Julian Assange leaves, they’ll shed no tears.


In Manning Trial, Army Casts Journalists as ‘the Enemy’

Pfc. Manning was not a humanist; he was a hacker. He was not a whistle-blower. He was a traitor, a traitor who understood the value of compromised information in the hands of the enemy and took deliberate steps to ensure that they, along with the world, received it.

— Pfc. Bradley Manning’s military prosecutor, Capt. Ashden Fein, in his closing arguments in the Bradley Manning court martial, characterizing the recipients of the leaked NSA material — journalists — as “the enemy.”

Poetic Justice

Back on Stage

Poor Edward Snowden just wanted to be an agent of change,
Now he’s stuck inside of Moscow with the Wikileaks again.
But if you want to fault Snowden,
The very worst thing he’s done
Was dredge up onto the world stage the irrelevant Julian Assange.

Poetic Justice

Sneaky Weaky Leaks

Oh, the revelations of the Wikileaks!
Putin’s a bully! Berlusconi’s a freak!
But apparently banal insults
Is just the language of consuls,
Get over it already — turn the other cheek!