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Sanders Losing the Youth Vote

-12 points

A new Morning Consult survey finds that Sen. Bernie Sanders’s support among voters between the ages of 18 and 29 has dropped from 45% in March to 33% in May.


Half of College Students Say They’ll Vote in Midterms


A new College Reaction survey finds that 50% of college students say they’ll “definitely” vote this year. That includes 57% of Democrats and 40% of Republicans. Axios: “If true, that kind of turnout could help Democrats, since Republican students are more lukewarm about whether they’ll vote. But in reality, young voters aren’t exactly known for rushing to the polls in midterm elections. It would take a sharp break with recent history for that to become a reality.”


Just a Third of Young People Are ‘Certain’ to Vote in Midterms


A new PRRI/The Atlantic survey finds just 35% of young Americans (ages 18-29), compared to 81% of seniors (ages 65 and older) and 55% of all Americans, say they are absolutely certain to vote in the November midterm elections. Young Americans are also significantly less likely than seniors to say that all their friends are certain to vote (7% vs. 18%).


Steyer Aims to Register 100,000 Millennials to Vote in One Month


“Tom Steyer’s NextGen America organization is working to register 100,000 students in one month at college campuses across 11 states as part of its ‘Welcome Week’ program launching this week,” Axios reports. “This is the group’s biggest voter registration effort yet, focused specifically on the most crucial bloc of non-voters, and it’s happening just three months before the 2018 midterm election.”


Billionaire Spending Big on Youth Vote

$25 million

Amount that Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmentalist who spent millions to help elect Democrats in 2014, is spending to launch a campaign to drive the youth vote in November’s presidential and congressional elections, USA Today reports. “Steyer’s group, NextGen Climate, plans to target students on more than 200 college campuses in seven states that will be election battlegrounds in in November: Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, Nevada, Illinois and Colorado.”


Clinton Has Little Traction with Youth Vote

It is fair to wonder about Clinton’s ability to put the party back together if she does become the nominee. Getting youth turnout is always tricky for Democrats, and Clinton is getting absolutely annihilated with young voters: She lost the youngest group of voters (17-29 in Iowa and 18-29 in New Hampshire) 84%-14% and 83%-16%, respectively. Now, we know that Barack Obama put the party back together fairly easily in 2008, and that if Clinton is the nominee she will be able to use her Republican opponent as a motivational tool. But these are staggeringly lousy numbers for Clinton nonetheless.

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball


Half of Young Voters Would Vote to Recall Obama


Of voters aged 18 to 29 years old would vote to recall President Obama, a new Harvard Institute of Politics survey finds.