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Shout Out to Mao

It’s sad when you question your president’s patriotism,
And alarming when you consider his nascent despotism.
But when it comes to Trump,
The shark he jumped —
When he congratulated the Chinese on 70 years of Communism.

Light’s Not Right

We do not lack symptoms that Trump is deranged,
But still, his war on lightbulbs is exceedingly strange.
His attacks on energy efficiency
Just highlight his deficiencies,
While the LEDs, he says, just make him look orange.

Neocon Crackpot Cashiered

Now he of the white bushy mustache is gone,
Before he could start a war with Korea or Iran.
Apparently Trump finally balked
At suggestions from the Bolton hawk,
But we won’t miss your mustache or neocon notions, John.

A Sap’s Map Flap

Trump came off like a doddering old sap
When he created his Hurricane Dorian flap.
Trump used a Sharpie
To include Alabammy
On his very special National Weather Service map.

One Dim Bulb

Donald Trump never met an environmental regulation he likes.
He’s rolled back emissions and oil regs without even a fight.
Ever the environmentalist,
He’s added to his dereg list —
Now Trump wants to get rid of energy-saving lights!

No Debark in Denmark

Off to Denmark Trump was all set to roam,
Until his deal to buy Greenland was blown.
The Danes responded
With amusement, well-founded,
So our petulant president decided to stay home.

Lame Blame Game

After two more mass shootings, Trump seeks to lay blame,
And he doesn’t like “white nationalist” attached to his name.
Seeking to find fault,
Trump opens his shibboleth vault,
And trots out mental illness, the internet and video games.

While in London, Trump was greeted and feted by the queen,
Theresa May gave him a breakfast of scones and clotted cream.
But Boris Johnson
Decided to refrain from
Meeting someone with whom he preferred not to be seen.

Mark of McCain

If you need proof that Donald Trump’s insane,
Just consider his obsession with the late John McCain.
When Trump visited Japan,
The White House had to plan
A way to hide the battleship that bears McCain’s name.

The New Inkslinger

Doesn’t Don Jr.’s beard give him a Bohemian look?
And since when does he carry a pen and notebook?
If he starts wearing a beret,
We’ll know what to say:
“Look, Donald Trump Jr.’s writing a book!”