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Roger Stone Tries to Incite Riot — from Jail

“Try to impeach him, just try it. There will be a spasm of violence and insurrection in this country like you’ve never seen. Both sides are heavily armed. A politician who votes for it will be endangering their own life.”

— Trump confidant Roger Stone, quoted by Yahoo News.


Stone: Mueller Investigation a Plot to Make Pelosi President

“Those who think the Mueller investigation will die out with a whimper are dreaming. This is a pretext to allow them to remove both Trump and Pence and replace them with Leather Face—I mean, Nancy Pelosi—and then she can appoint Hillary Clinton as V.P. That’s been the agenda from the beginning.”

— Roger Stone, in an interview with the New Yorker.


Most Think Trump New About a Coverup


A new Monmouth poll finds that more than 62% of Americans believe that President Trump was aware that people like Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort or others tried to conceal information from federal investigators and 50% believe that he personally asked at least some of them to do it. The poll also finds the public remains divided on Moscow’s sway over Trump with 55% saying the president’s family either definitely (32%) or probably (23%) has financial interests or other ties to Russia that influence how Trump deals with that country.


Roger Stone Shares ‘Space Force’ Image with Swastikas

“I love this — proud to be in this crew — but the only lies being told are by liberal scumbags.”

— Roger Stone, sharing an image on Instagram of himself, President Trump and several other Trump allies wearing spacesuits with swastikas on them. He’s since deleted the image.


Stone Says He Won’t Roll on Trump

“I will never roll on Donald Trump. John Dean I am not.”

— Roger Stone, quoted by New York magazine, appearing on the Alex Jones radio show to raise money for his legal defense.


Stone: Trump Didn’t View Cohen as a ‘Political Genius’

“I don’t think the president regarded him as a political genius or was open to his desires in that area. And he had a tendency to discount any political advice that Michael would give him.”

— Roger Stone, on Meet the Press, about President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.


Stone Gloats Over Comey Firing

“Somewhere Dick Nixon is smiling.”

— Trump confidant Roger Stone, quoted by the New York Times, on the firing of FBI Director James Comey.


Stone Pillories Lewandowski

Corey Lewandowski is like Bob Haldeman without the charm. I mean, he’s an advance man. I’m a political strategist. I have elected other people to public office… He’s a pimple on the ass of history.

— Ex-Trump adviser Roger Stone, quoted by Yahoo News.